City of North Charleston and DD2 approves Aquatics Center

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) — Dorchester District 2 and the city of North Charleston approved building an aquatic center at Fort Dorchester High School.

The two groups held separate meetings at Fort Dorchester High School to make a decision about a possible Aquatics Center next to the school. It would be on about 15 acres of property which is jointly owned by Dorchester County, the city of North Charleston, and DD2 school district. It will include an Olympic-size swimming pool, smaller therapeutic pool, EMS and Sheriff’s Office substations, and a new road.

North Charleston City Councilman, Ron Brinson says, “Right now there are about 3,000 people back here with one way in and one way out and we want to correct that.”

The city and school district are working toward an agreement to build the Aquatics Center together, each putting up half of  the money.

Brinson says, “Dorchester District 2 will be pledging its $7.5 million, which was authorized in a 2012 referendum .The city would probably end up matching that.”

The North Charleston money would come from bonded investments.

Brinson says, “We will be doing this over time. The school district’s $7.5 million will be the first dollars expended.”

The city would operate the facility and give priority to DD2 schools.

Brinson says, “A certain class each year in all of the elementary schools will have access to swimming lessons, competitive swimming lessons, competitive swimming meets.”

The public can also have access for a fee. If both the city of North Charleston and DD2 agree to the terms, they will come together after the meeting to make the announcement.


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