Veteran Creates Monster Tribute to Fallen Service Members

Veteran creates memorial on monster truck for fallen veterans.

A veteran from the Oshkosh area is gearing up to honor Wisconsin’s fallen this Memorial Day.

It’s called Fallen Angel. The converted 5-ton truck is a labor of love for veteran Russell Krebs.

According to Krebs, “I feel honored and very proud. Our family has extensive military background.”

And that’s part of what inspired him to create Fallen Angel. Leading about about a dozen others, they started building it from scratch in March of last year, piecing it together before finishing the masterpiece in June.

The monster, mobile tribute, honors the service members in Wisconsin killed in combat during the Persian Gulf conflicts. One hundred and thirty-two names are lettered on the tailgate, one in particular hits close to home and has special meaning to Krebs.

He says, “One of the names on the tailgate happens to be my two oldest children stepsister. Rachel Bosveld was the first Army individual from Wisconsin to be killed over in Iraq.”

Standing a little more than 10 feet tall and 26 feet long, Fallen Angel is larger than life. It’s representative of the men and women who sacrificed so much.

“She’s made big and beautiful to represent our fallen that no longer have voices to take and make people aware of our sacrifices that we make as military members,” says Krebs.

After debuting Fallen Angel at AirVenture last year, Krebs is taking on a full calendar starting on Monday. He will drive Fallen Angel in the Omro Memorial Day parade before she’ll sit in the car show.

Taking Fallen Angel on the road is a way for Krebs to honor the fallen by sharing his creation.

He adds, “It’s great to see people’s reaction as they’re coming towards me or as they pass me on the highway. I get a lot of waves, a lot of thumbs up, a lot of thank yous. I think people enjoy seeing her as much as I enjoy traveling around showing her off.”

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