What you need to know to navigate the traffic loop during Bikefest

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — During the 2015 Memorial Day Weekend Bikefest, the City of Myrtle Beach debuted a 23-mile traffic loop. City leaders say they were pleased with how things went, so, the loop will return for this year’s Bikefest as well.

The loop will run Friday through Sunday from 10:00pm- 2:00am. Those who live and work in Myrtle Beach say it made it difficult for them to get around last year.

“For people who live here it’s a little inconvenient picking someone up from work and that kind of stuff,” Paul Taylor said.

City leaders called the loop a success but did make some changes this year to make it easier for people to understand the traffic loop map and navigate around it.

“The traffic loop is new and we want to make sure everybody knows what’s going on and what to expect when they get to Myrtle Beach. We don’t want to surprise anybody,” City spokesperson Mark Kruea said.

This year, the city launched a Map Services Website. It features an interactive map of the loop that’s labeled with the route, location of barricades and current roads closed. There’s also a function to enter your location and navigate a route that will keep you out of the loop.

“If you think a little bit ahead, it may take you an extra ten minutes but you can get around town without finding yourselves in the loop which is really specifically for the Memorial Day traffic,” Kruea added.

All traffic on Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach is one way, southbound, from 29th Avenue North to South Kings Highway, with an extended loop beyond Ocean Boulevard. From Friday through Monday, May 27-29 northbound lanes of Ocean Boulevard are reserved for emergency vehicles.

Barriers will be in place along Ocean Blvd. to prevent walkers from entering the roadway in designated areas.

For those of you who will need to travel to the airport, here’s what you need to know:

Entry Routes:

— US 17 Bypass North to Harrelson Boulevard exit only
— Harrelson Boulevard to Jetport Road (main entrance)
— Airport passengers coming south on 17 Bypass must use the turnaround at Farrow Parkway to enter at the North Harrelson Boulevard entrance

Exit Routes:

— Jetport Road to Harrelson Boulevard, eastbound only
— Harrelson Boulevard east to South Kings Highway
— Visitors traveling to the northern city limits or to the North Myrtle Beach area will take South Kings Highway to Farrow Parkway, or 544 to 17 Bypass North

The City of Myrtle Beach has also created a website with information you need to know before the Memorial Day Weekend Bikefest.

It includes information about the city’s noise ordinance, laws and curfew for minors:

  • The noise ordinance prohibits excessive noise, including noise created by loud music, revving engines and spinning tires. Violations are misdemeanors, subject to a cash fine and/or time in jail, per occurrence, upon conviction.
  • In the City of Myrtle Beach, a year-round curfew is in effect for juveniles (under age 18) between 1:00 and 6:00 a.m.Impromptu parties, with or without alcohol, are illegal on both public and private property.
  • Alcohol consumption is illegal in parking areas and on public rights-of-way. Violations are misdemeanors, subject to a fine of up to $500 and/or 30 days in jail, per occurrence, upon conviction.

In addition, you should expect increased law enforcement presence and command posts that will allow officers to quickly respond should the need arise.

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