Marrington Middle School of the Arts students excel in both academics and the arts

You can feel the energy throughout Marrington Middle School of the Arts, an arts infused school on the Naval Weapons Station in Goose Creek.    We’re in Berkley county for our Cool School of the week, the  last Cool School for this school year.

Music fills the halls at Marrington Middle School of the Arts.  Dance, band, chorus, strings, theater,  visual arts, it’s all here at Marrington.  With nearly 400 students in 6th through 8th grades, they excel in both the arts and academics.  Dr. James Spencer says, “We have an excellent absolute value the last eight years on state report card, Palmetto Gold awards the last five years, our biggest award is probably the National Blue Ribbon award.” Marrington’s students are identified as academically gifted and talented, while others are identified as arts gifted and talented.

Marrington is a partial magnet school and students come from across Berkeley county.  MMSOA offers diverse instructional programs, which allow students to grow and distinguish themselves through outstanding academic achievement and artistic performances.   Instruction is enhanced through arts-integrated lessons, engaging teaching strategies, and one to one technology.  Eighth-grade student Christian Castell says, “It helps me develop my talents in the music arts, and it’s really fun.”

Marrington offers academic gifted and talented classes, as well as high school credit courses.  The sixth grade students are learning computer coding, while science students are examining the psychology of color.  “Mostly this is an art lesson that we have blended science into and will follow up with the science of it as well,” says Science teacher Christi Feller, “Being an art school is fantastic because we get to look at everything.  It’s not just learning it from a book, not just learning it from research.  We get to take action in a lot of different ways.”  Eighth-grade student Nathan Gergick says, “I really like how the arts and the academics coincide to really create a strong balance between the two, both are phenomenal.”

Coming up Friday, we’ll present Marrington Middle School of the Arts with our Cool School award.

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