Spartanburg postal worker saves man from getting scammed

All too often we warn you about scams by speaking to victims who have lost hundreds. But thanks to the prodding of a local postal worker this warning doesn’t come at a cost. The teller cared enough to speak up and stopped a scam in it’s tracks.

In addition to the everyday questions you might here at the post office, Debbie Poole has been known to ask the ones, you may not want to hear, but should.

“You see things and you ask, does this person really want to do this, and I’ll ask them,” she said.

So when Deonte Ray asked his girlfriend, Rashaundra Miller, to mail his old cell phone to a buyer in Nigeria, red flags went up at the Post Office.

“They were a hard sell, they really were. They wanted that money for that iphone, they truly did not believe it was a scam. That’s how good the scam is,” said Poole.

“At first I just thought she was being super cautious but it was OK, and she kept insisting, and I called him and he was like, well it’s pending on my account. And she was like, pending and actually having the money is 2 different things,” said Miller.

After Ray posted the phone on Ebay, he had received an email that looks like it’s from PayPal saying the $400 was sent.

“I was pretty sure that it was legit, so I wasn’t really worried about it the whole time, it just went over my head completely,” said Ray.

But after the teller’s warning, he called PayPal and found out there was no recent activity on his account.

“We got the package back to him and he came in the next day with a box of doughnuts for us for saving him four to five hundred dollars. He was very very sweet and thankful,” said Poole.

“I’m just happy she caught it,” said Ray.

This is not her first time. Poole says she figures she stops at least 2 people a month who are about to send packages to Nigeria, only to find out, they haven’t been paid.

We asked Poole why she speaks up when she doesn’t have to.

“I wouldn’t want it to happen to me. It’s kind of a pay it forward thing, I guess.”

Ray reported it to PayPal and says he will be much the wiser if he ever tries to sell anything online again.

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