Funeral service for victims of Ravenel homicide

Three people were murdered in a home in Ravenel on Tuesday, May 17, they were laid to rest on Wednesday, May 25. It was an emotional day in church for the family and friends of the Mungin family. They came to celebrate the lives of 55-year-old Betty Mungin, 8-year-old Armani Mungin, and 29-year-old Alexis Mungin, who was pregnant with twin boys. Alexis was 25 weeks along in the pregnancy and News 2 learned today those twins were going to be named Taylor and Tyler.

A small pink coffin topped with flowers and dolls, another with twin sesame street toys. Friends and family struggled with losing such a young child, and two not even born.

One of Armani’s teachers, Lakeris Wine, says, “Armani get your rest, dear. I love you, I will always love you and there’s nothing you can do about it”.

The Mungin family shared some of their favorite memories.

Betty Mungin’s niece, Shameika Campbell Champion, says, “We had a graduation cookout last week. My Auntie Betty and Auntie Janet came early to help my mom, and they make some good food ya’ll. You’ve got to taste my Auntie Janet and my Auntie Betty’s food.”

Armani’s elementary school teachers shared memories from her classmates.

One teacher, Carling Shalloo, says, “Armani was always smiling and laughing. She loved the color pink, diamonds, and ponies. Armani had the best laugh. She was a great friend. She was always excited receiving awards at school, and we’ll love and miss Armani so much.”

The young girl’s father described the loss of Alexis and Armani as unbearable.

Her father, Michael Warner, says, “For the past 7 years, this week was the first week that I did not hear from my child or my friend.”

He played a song in memory.

He says, “Alexis used to love to hear me sing. I don’t do it as often as I used to, so I decided to sing for my girls one last time.”


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