Cool School: Marrington Middle School of the Arts

You can feel the energy throughout Marrington Middle School of the arts, an arts infused school on the Naval Weapons Station in Goose Creek.  We head to Berkeley county for our Cool School of the week.

Band, chorus, dance, strings, visual arts, Marrington has it all.   With nearly 400 students in 6th through 8th grades, Marrington excels in both academics and the arts.  Marrington’s students are identified as academically gifted and talented, while others are identified as arts gifted and talented.

MMSOA offers diverse instructional programs, which allow students to grow and distinguish themselves through outstanding academic achievement and artistic performances.  Principal Dr. James Spencer says, “Our kids are cool, our staff is cool, our parents are super cool and dedicated. School number one can be fun, and you combine that with high expectations at any level, when those two are combined,  and add art as a third element,  you use those high expectations, and the kids buy into those high expectations.  There is no limit to what you can do in the classroom.”  Sixth-grade student Logan Guerry says, “I like Marrington because it mostly focuses on the arts, and it comes all together to make a very good school.”   “The students are all excited to learn everyday and the teachers are excited to be here,”  says teacher Amanda Miller, “From the arts to the academics, we’re at the top of our game and everybody is striving to grow and it’s just a fun place to be.”   “Here at Marrington, it’s really nice because everything is well balanced out equally. Our academics and our fine arts program, so it’s well balanced,”  says seventh grade student Brianna Breckenridge.

MMSOA  is a National Blue Ribbon School and a Palmetto’s Finest School. The school has constantly received Excellent Absolute Ratings, and Palmetto Gold and Silver awards..

Coming up tonight on News 2 at 5, we’ll take a closer look at the stellar academic and artistic programs at Marrington Middle School of the Arts.

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