Suspect in Ravenel triple homicide appears in bond court

On Wednesday, the man accused of killing three people, including a child, stood before a judge. It happened at a mobile home park off Savannah Highway in Ravenel. Kenneth Ancrum was arrested for the murder of 54-year-old Betty Mungin, 29-year-old Alexis Mungin, who was pregnant, and 8-year-old Armani Mungin.

In bond court, family and friends of the Mungins were emotional. They spoke fondly of Betty Mungin. A friend of her daughter’s says Betty was like a mom to everyone and would open her arms to anyone in need.

That family friend says, “And for you to take her from us. I know God says you are supposed to forgive, but it’s so hard.”

People in Ravenel Mobile Home Park where the three victims lived say they are still trying to process the tragedy.

One neighbor, Lolita Scott, says, “It’s so sad. The whole thing has still gotten me shaking.”

Another neighbor, Marsha Sweat, says her granddaughter was best friends with 8-year-old Armani and explaining to a child that her best friend was murdered was difficult.

Sweat says, “The only thing I could tell her was that there are bad people in the world and it’s not anything that Armani did, or that her grandmother, or anyone did, it was just somebody bad.”

Deputies say that person is 23-year-old Kenneth Ancrum who shot and killed the three people in that mobile home park. They say he also kidnapped 27-year-old Quiwanna Mungin and shot her multiple times. She was transported to MUSC and survived after undergoing surgery.

Scott says, “It’s unnerving that it would even happen here, that it would even happen at all and so close to home.”

News 2 looked into Ancrum’s past and found that in August of last year, Quiwanna and Kenneth were dating. She was pregnant and they got into a fight after she found out about his infidelity. Ancrum was charged with domestic violence after Quiwanna said he punched her in the face and stomach. Those charges were dropped in April.

Scott says, “My heart goes out to that whole family. The only thing I can do is just pray for them.”

Neighbors told News 2 Alexis Mungin was pregnant with twins when she was killed.

Sweat says, “Armani was excited. So it’s been a little hard, but as a neighborhood, I guess, we’re all talking and comforting each other most of the time.”

Ancrum was denied bond for the murder charges, kidnapping charge, and attempted murder charge. He was given a $500,000 bond for the weapons charge. News 2 also learned Kenneth Ancrum was at DSS for a child support hearing a couple hours before the shootings, though authorities aren’t saying if the two events are connected.

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