Family of 3-year-old who drowned honors him at daycare vigil

The family of the 3-year-old boy who drowned at James Island County Park over the weekend is in the middle of a hard week of goodbyes.

Authorities say the body of Duffy McLemore was found in a pond just a few feet from the water sprinkler he was last seen playing at Saturday. His mother told police she only took her eyes off him for a moment.

“Ever since he died I’ve been very sad,” said Lori Eagle, Duffy’s 9-year-old sister.

Family and friends gathered at the daycare Duffy attended, Summers Lane Learning Center, for a vigil to honor the boy that was supposed to graduate in June. Duffy’s classmates sang a gospel song in his memory while his mother wiped away tears.

“It’s nice to know that people care” said Barbara Eagle, Duffy’s grandmother, “people that you’ve never seen before or knew existed coming out for a little boy.”

Eagle says there are a lot of memories of her 3-year-old grandson. “There are spells where we’re laughing about things that we remembered about him,” said Eagle “then we usually end crying because we just can’t believe it.”

Duffy’s grandmother just wants other parents to not be so willing to point the finger at her daughter. “You can watch your child constantly, it’s the one second you take your eyes away,” said Eagle, “that’s all it takes.”

Duffy McLemore’s funeral will be Saturday, May 21, at Holmes Avenue Baptist Church.

Duffy McLemore and the pond where his body was found.

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