Cool School: Bishop England High School

Educating and nurturing the mind, body, and soul is at the heart of what makes Bishop England High School special.  We’re on Daniel Island for our Cool School of the week.

Bishop England is celebrating its 100th year as a landmark for stellar education in the Lowcountry. The private Catholic school moved from downtown Charleston to 40 acres on Daniel Island in 1998.  The school now serves more than 700 students in 9th  through 12th grades.  B.E. offers a faith based education, which includes Honors, AP, and College Prep courses.

Principal Patrick Finneran says, “We are a special place. For a 100 years we have existed and have not changed what we are.  At the center of what we are,  we educate body, mind, and soul of kids.  Most people recognize Bishop England for the athletic part of it.  We have over a 120 state championships, but we are academically a very good school.  We send kids off to colleges.  We have a 99-percent graduation rate, 98 percent post secondary rate.  Our kids do very well. When they get to college they stay in college and they graduate.”  Senior Erin Dukes says, “I’ve had a fabulous experience at Bishop England.  The teachers, the curriculum is challenging, which makes me want to push myself and make me push myself to do well.”  Julie Rosebrock is the Spanish teacher and head of  the school’s world language department.  “Bishop England is a Cool School because we have a little bit of everything.  The academics are challenging to all of the students,” says Rosebrock, “We have the options program, which is an inclusion program for students with special needs.  We have a variety of extracurricular activities, from sports to clubs.  Our school is a Catholic school. We have the faith based here, and the community is something amazing at Bishop England, from students, parents, staff, alumni. Everyone comes together to support each other. It makes it a very Cool School.”  Senior Blakely Epps says, “I  really enjoy how faith is included in our education.  It’s in sports and everything we do, and sports here is great, so having that faith there with it just makes it even better.”

Bishop England has  strong fine arts and athletic programs, offering 21 sports.  BE has 122 state championships.

Bishop England has won the City Papers “Best of Private School” three years in a row.  They also earned the recognition by the Catholic Education Honor Roll as a School of Excellence.

Coming up tonight on News 2 at 5, we’ll take a closer look at the rigorous academic programs offered in a faith structured setting.

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