Yellowstone National Park explains why bison calf was euthanized

Social media has been reacting to the news of a bison calf that had to be euthanized after tourists loaded it into their vehicle because they were worried it was cold. Now, Yellowstone National Park is answering many questions about why the calf was put down after this incident.

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In a facebook post, the park took the chance to highlight the importance of keeping a safe distance from park wildlife and they explained why the calf was euthanized.

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They explained that adult animals are very protective of their young and they will act aggressively to defend them. They will also reject their offspring. That is exactly what happened in this instance. The tourists came in contact with the bison calf and when the park rangers tried to reunite the newborn with the herd, their efforts failed. The bison calf was left abandoned and was causing a dangerous situation by trying to approach people and cars along the roadway. Yellowstone National Park made the choice to euthanize the calf in the best interest of the animals and the people visiting the park.

Read the full Facebook post below:


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