Women scammed out of nearly $1,000 in West Ashley

Tonight a West Ashley woman says she and her room mate are out more than $900. They thought they were putting down a deposit on an apartment, but it turns out they were just putting their money in a scam artist’s pocket. 
Kim White is one of the victims of the scam. “I found myself literally almost homeless. I never heard about it, I’ve never had it happen to me, had never heard about it until it did happen.”
White and her roommate were looking for another apartment after their old apartment complex closed. “I was walking the dog over at BiLo and there were a bunch of people sitting outside by Muellers, and I was just conversing with them and asking them about properties to rent over in this area. This gentleman spoke up and said he actually had some rental properties.”
She said the man had his left eye missing and said his name was Tom Poston. She called him to go look at one of his properties.
“He showed us a property on DuPont road… but we couldn’t go in because he said the carpets are being shampooed because they were wet. I was a little leery of that but we want ahead and gave him a deposit of $300 that night.”
Then he stopped by with a contract and keys last Monday. They signed the contract and gave him another $620 in cashiers checks. He later came back to pick up the contact, telling them be needed to make copies of it. “And then on Tuesday morning, we were going to move into the apartment and he came in and said ‘I need the receipts for the money orders because I can’t get it cashed.'”
So they gave him the receipts. “So we went to check out Tuesday morning and the key didn’t fit the apartment.”
She then noticed the street address was also not right. “And I was like, it didn’t match. About that time the mailman pulled in and I asked the mailman what was the address was of this property. And she told me it was 717 DuPont Road. I was like ahhh.”
814 was the address Poston had given her, but that was another nearby apartment building that was not vacant. 
The News 2 i-team did some digging. We found a Thomas Poston that had been charged with swindling and check fraud in North Charleston in the past. He was also missing his left eye. Kim said that’s the Tom Poston she met. 
She has filed a police report with the City of Charleston Police Department. In the meantime, she is staying at the Motel 6. “I’ve never been homeless. I’ve never been homeless. It’s a terrible feeling. I don’t know really what to do.”

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