‘Herd’ of Dallas buses arrives in Charleston

CHARLESTON, S.C. (News Release) – The Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA) has purchased five 2003 NABI-brand buses from Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART). As part of an ongoing bus1initiative to update the fleet, the 40 foot-long vehicles will deliver $150,000 of potential advertising revenue and cost CARTA just $31,400. In addition, riders will benefit from newer technology, more comfortable seats, better air conditioning and more.

“These buses are in excellent shape and will provide a noticeable difference to mechanics, drivers and especially riders,” shares CARTA board chairman Mike Seekings. “We’re pleased with the purchase and anytime you can gain hundreds of thousands of miles in service life at a small cost, it’s a win.”bus3

Each bus can hold 40 passengers and will begin service this month. In addition, CARTA and TriCounty Link will participate in National Infrastructure Week between May 16-23. The purpose is to bring attention to the nation’s aging infrastructure and public transportation systems.


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