Park Circle: “Stop killing our ducks”

A popular park in Park Circle has recently been the site of some unsettling incidents involving ducks. Neighbors around Quarterman Park claim some kids and others passing by the green space are killing their ducks.

Theresa Simms feeds the waterfowl at the park nearly everyday and was disturbed by what a neighbor told her happened Monday. “Somebody did see like 6 kids terrorizing the ducks,” said Simms, “and one of them had its neck, you know, snapped.”

North Charleston Police Department says animal control responded to an incident at Quarterman Monday, adding that Monday was first time they were dispatched to the park for such a call.

Incidents of mutilated or missing ducks have occurred since April according to a flier posted on a neighborhood Facebook group dated last month.

Virtual flier from 4/20/16

An anonymous resident claims they even saw a man letting his dog attack ducklings.

“This is a duck pond,” said Theresa Simms, who along with other neighbors, is working with an animal shelter to get cameras installed around the pond. “It’s just not fair,” said Simms, “this is their home.”

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