2 Your Health: Praying for health

When Americans are having health problems or someone close to them is, a new study says an overwhelming amount of them turn to prayer.

The report conducted by a Baylor University epidimiology professor in conjunction with Gallup found that 80 percent of people surveyed have prayed for their own healing.
That number goes up to 90 percent when those in the study were asked if they had prayed for others’ health.
The survey was conducted by talking to 1,700 people over the phone, it has a margin of error of plus or minus four percentage points.
It also found most who do use prayer for healing do so in conjunction with regular medical care.
The report’s author said he expected the numbers to be strong but said the final results quote “blew me away”.
However he says this study is just the beginning and more questions need to be asked.
He hopes further research can be done to look more into whether prayer is actually helping people heal.

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