100-year-old piano teacher still giving lessons

Credit: KSDK

MOSCOW MILLS, MO (WFLA) – When it comes to music, Moscow Mills, Missouri is much more Chesney than Tchaikovsky. Unless you happen to be in Olive Haffner’s neighborhood,according to KSDK. 

Oliver Haffner has spent more than 80 years teaching students how to play the piano. Haffner began teaching students during the depression, charging students 25 cents per lesson. Decades later, she has taught several generations of families the art of music.

“She really loves what she does. She has a passion for it like nothing else,” explained 20-year-old Stephanie Dwiggins, a former student.

This week, however, the music to Haffner’s ears is the countless birthday wishes she is receiving as her 100th birthday approaches.

“I don’t feel that old!” exclaimed Haffner.

Some students, like Stephanie Dwiggins, drove more than an hour to recognize and celebrate Haffner’s birthday. Dwiggins, a former student, is now a music major at the University of Kansas.

For Ms. Haffner, it’s the teaching that, she says, keeps her breathing.

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