Nail salons discriminate against heavy people, say customers

UPSTATE (WSPA) – Women across the upstate say they’re disgusted because multiple nail salons are refusing to take their business.

The sign on the door of Gaffney Nails asks customers over a certain weight not to sit in their spa chairs.

There is a similar message inside a Boiling Springs nail salon.

Multiple women say they feel like they’re being discriminated against because of their weight.

But the salons say the signs are up for a good reason.

Krystle Jackson and her friend Heather Garrett saw the sign at Gaffney Nails, and were shocked.

“Honestly I was so mad it wasn’t even funny, because basically I’m like ‘Really? Now fat girls can’t have our nails pretty?” Jackson says.

She’s not the only one this has happened to.

LaPaula Burgess went to the Luxury Nails in Boiling Springs, and says she was refused service.

“As I was picking a color, another lady came and she said ‘Ma’am, we can’t service you because our chairs only do 300 and plus,” Burgess says.

The owners of both nail salons say the signs are up for customer safety.

But the women aren’t buying it.

“You are dealing with the public,” Burgess says. “You’re dealing with all sizes, you’re dealing with all shapes, you’re dealing with all types of people. so you have to prepare yourself for plus size people, for 300 and over people, because that’s what you call business.”

“If you’re a business, you should be prepared and you know, curvy girls deserve pretty feet too,” Garrett says. “I know i don’t like trying to bend over trying to paint my own toenails.”

All three ladies say they’re going elsewhere to get their nails done, and they hope other people do too.

“It’s not right. No matter what size you are, you have at least that one friend or that one family member that that sign is going to affect,” Jackson says.

A lawyer in Spartanburg said weight is not a protected group under discrimination acts like race and gender are.

Another lawyer in the area says the only possible loophole he sees in all this, is if there is a medical condition responsible for the weight gain.

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