How JetBlue made flying with crying babies sound oh so sweet

JetBlue wanted their passengers to know that they understand that flying with a crying baby can be tough on not just the parents, but everyone else traveling. Mothers and Fathers know the anxiety that comes along with trying to comfort your crying child on a plane full of irritated passengers.

In honor of Mother’s Day, JetBlue and agency MullenLowe tried to make the sound of a crying baby sound oh so sweet by rewarding passengers whenever a baby on the flight cried.

The airline gave everyone on a flight from JFK to Long Beach a 25 percent discount each time a baby started crying; ultimately turning what could be a very common negative experience, into a positive one.

The stewardess on the flight explained to passengers that four cries would be equivalent to a free round-trip ticket. The word “free” put a lot of smiles on the passengers faces as they hoped they would hear baby cries throughout their flight.

JetBlue showed what happened on the flight and the results are going viral.

They called the viral moment “FlyBabies.” The video shows people on the flight cheering each time a baby on the flight cries and it ends with the following message: “Next time, smile at a baby for crying out loud. Happy Mother’s Day.”

Watch the full video here:

The flight was the only one of its kind, but when JetBlue was asked on twitter if the #FlyBabies flight would happen again or become a policy, they didn’t say it would never happen again.


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