Clemson Holds Public Hearing on Game Day Parking and Rental Ordinances

Clemson city officials are working on making changes to game-day parking and rentals in the city.

The city council held a public hearing Monday night on 3 ordinances that would regulate the sales and rentals for private owners.

“We’re making it legal. It was illegal,” one of the Council members added at the meeting.

One ordinance would have people who sell parking spaces register their lots as a business owner every year.

They would also have to pay taxes and follow rules, like keeping the property clean.

Another ordinance would have owners renting out rooms at their homes to register yearly and pay a $100 dollar fee.

The third ordinance will regulate noise during a certain time frame for business owners, including construction and restaurants.

These ordinances will cover all sports competitive games in Clemson and special events, including graduation.

Some homeowners said they are happy something is being done to make the area cleaner and quieter during football season.

“Probably the biggest issue is the day after and the cleanup afterwards. If it’s cleaned up responsibly, then I don’t particularly mind and somebody is making some beer money out of this,” said Jim London. 

Others are worried the new rules will scare away people from offering their lots.

They don’t want there to be less parking in an already crowded area.

“Sunday after games you’ll see people out here picking up trash and it is gone within 24 hours,” Patrick Billard said. “ I don’t think it needs to change.”

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