Beyoncé concert goers should prepare for weather, traffic nightmare

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – N.C. State police are asking for those going to Tuesday’s Beyoncé concert to be ready for some serious traffic. And don’t forget your rain jacket, too.

An estimated 40,000 fans are going to Carter-Finley Stadium to see the pop superstar just days after she dropped a surprise album.

Signs are already up around the stadium warning drivers to expect major delays.

“The show doesn’t start until 7:30, but we’re coming from Morrisville, which is about 20 minutes away. But I think we’re going get on the road about 4:30,” said concert-goer Cynthia Wynn.

Wynn stopped by the stadium box office Monday to learn more about traffic and parking.

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“I’m coming with my 7-year-old. I want to make sure things are going to flow and be as easy as possible,” Wynn said.

Police said the traffic pattern will be identical to that of an N.C. State football game and law enforcement will be directing traffic around the stadium.

Beyoncé Ingress Routes

Police are actually expecting around 20,000 fewer people than they do for a football game but the addition of rush hour traffic is a recipe for a nightmare.

Drivers are asked to stay away from the area if they aren’t attending the concert.

Uber, Lyft and taxi users can get picked up and dropped off easily at the Fairgrounds Reserved Parking Lot, located at the corner of Trinity Road and Youth Center Drive.

The entrance to this lot is off of Youth Center Drive. The only way to access the pickup/dropoff lot is by traveling down Youth Center Drive from Hillsborough Street.

N.C. State Police are asking to only get picked up from this area, otherwise it may cause more congestion to planned traffic routes.

“We actually ask everybody to go to that area and not try to pick up an Uber or taxi elsewhere. They really need to go to this designated area as part of our traffic pattern and flow plan for the concert,” said Major David Kelly with N.C. State police.

N.C. State Police are also asking drivers not attending the concert to try to stay off the main roads that are traditionally used by concert goers.

If you are travelling to Carter-Finley from outside Raleigh, your GPS may lead you right into gridlock. Try planning out your route ahead of time and take an earlier exit along with back roads to bypass traffic.

U2 and the Rolling Stones are the only two acts to play at Carter-Finley in the last several years.

Police are hoping to avoid the traffic nightmare that occurred when U2 played in 2009.

Some ticketholders missed the U2 concert due to the high volume of traffic. Officials said the problems stemmed from too many people trying to arrive at the same time.

Concert goers can expect scattered strong to severe storms if they’re tailgating and near the start of the concert. Throughout the majority of the concert, drier conditions are expected with just a few passing showers.

DJ Khaled starts the show at 7:30 p.m.

Tickets are still available for the show.

Click here for maps, information and more.

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