The Kickin’ Chicken Shows Tenderness for Teachers

Charleston, SC— Between Friday, April 29th and Friday, May 13th, The Kickin’ Chicken will be serving free lunch to over 750 teachers at select schools in the Charleston area in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week.

Staff and management from each of the 5 Kickin’ Chicken restaurants will load up The Kickin’ Chicken’s food truck, The Chicken Coupe, and visit 8 different partner schools to provide free lunch to local educators.

This teacher appreciation celebration is a part of The Kickin’ Chicken’s mission to make a difference in the local community through charitable giving and active participation. From creating incentives for honor roll students, participating in local school spirit weeks, and establishing several scholarship programs for employees, The Kickin’ Chicken is always looking for ways to foster learning in the community.

“Since The Kickin’ Chicken opened almost 20 years ago we have been committed to giving back to our community,” says co-owner, David Miller. “We are especially thankful for all that our local teachers and schools have done and continue to do on a daily basis to educate and shape the future of Charleston.”

LaDene’ Conroy, Interim Principal and CCSD Montessori Specialist at Murray-LaSaine Elementary, had this to say about the event:

“I am delighted that we have them (The Kickin’ Chicken) as our business partner. The Kickin’ Chicken was energetic and eager to offer their services to Murray-LaSaine Elementary School and they are a company that truly understands the word service. They and their employees have been great cheerleaders for our school and the community!”

This is the Kickin’ Chicken’s 3rd year celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week. This year’s 2016 Teacher Appreciation will be partnering with the following schools:


West Ashley

Orange Grove Elementary Charter School

St. Andrew’s School of Math and Science


Downtown Charleston

Memminger Elementary School

First Baptist School of Charleston


James Island

Murray-Lasaine Elementary School

James Island Charter High School


Mt. Pleasant

Mamie P. Whitesides Elementary School



Summerville Elementary School


For additional information about The Kickin’ Chicken’s Teacher Appreciation Celebration or any of their other local charitable programs please contact Bainie Brunson at or 843.284.0257 ext 10.

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