Restroom usage being discussed in Berkeley County Schools

There is a lot of discussion about restrooms and who can use which restroom nationally, and now here in the Lowcountry. In Berkeley County, a student who identifies as a female is being allowed to use the female restroom at Berkeley High School. There is also talk of a similar arrangement at Cane Bay High School.
The school district is not saying a whole lot about the issue, other than that they are following the law, including a recent court ruling.
Barbara White is the grandmother of a Cane Bay High School student. “I don’t believe in that. I don’t think it’s right… I just don’t think it’s right for these guys to be walking into a female bathroom and looking at these young girls. No, it’s not right.”
She says she is concerns that changes to restroom usage are being considered at her granddaughter’s school. She says she sympathizes with the students, but would rather see three restrooms. “Have one for the females and one for the males, and one for a question mark.”
A statement posted online that sources say was an internal memo at Cane Bay, suggested that they currently allow students who identify with the other gender to have a key to faculty restrooms. The memo said they would now allow those students to use the faculty restroom or the restroom they identify with.
The Berkeley County School District sent us a statement that said, “BCSD does not have district or school policies written specific to restroom usage. BCSD implements current anti-discrimination policies under the guidance of the U.S. Department of Education and in accordance with Title IX.”
We asked the district spokeswoman if these changes were at Berkeley and Cane Bay only. She would only say “No policy has been changed or created. BCSD implements anti-discrimination policies in accordance with Title IX.”
A number of people say they plan to air concerns about this at the next Berkeley County School District meeting on May 10th.

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