Oregon deputies looking for woman who allegedly stole tenant’s dog during rental dispute

Marion County Deputies are looking for Brooke Kempton and this truck, Apr. 26, 2016 (MCSO)

MARION COUNTY, Ore. (KOIN) — Marion County deputies are looking for a woman who allegedly stole her tenant’s dog, Isis, during a rental dispute.

Deputies were called to the house near Turner on Tuesday. Two days prior, the tenant, 30-year-old Kate Taylor, was kicked out by her landlord, 39-year-old Brooke Kempton, for being disrespectful. She was asked to leave, take her belongings and move her horses, which were being boarded at Kempton’s mother’s home.

According to officials, Taylor did move out. But on Tuesday, Kempton went to Taylor’s father’s house, accusing her former tenant of stealing 2 saddles. She told Kevin Taylor she was taking his daughter’s dog until she got her saddles back.

“This is a completely bogus accusation,” Taylor said. “I just really want my dog back.”

Kevin Taylor tried to stop Kempton from leaving by hopping on the running boards of her pickup truck. Deputies say Kempton sped up, throwing the 61-year-old man from the truck. He injured his hand and wrist and needed to go to a hospital.

“To just leave him there, obviously she has no respect for human life,” Taylor said.

Kempton and the dog are still missing. The truck is a silver 2008 Ford F250 with Oregon license plates 305DGR. The dog is a 4-year-old Whippit named Isis.

Anyone with information is asked to call 503.588.5032.


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