Overdose drug Narcan now available to the public

(WTNH) – More than 700 people in Connecticut died last year from heroin or opiate overdoses. Many of those deaths could have been prevented with Narcan, according to Jane Montgomery. She’s a former heroin addict who now works at AIDS Project Greater Danbury. It’s a needle exchange program.

Montgomery says the project sees its fair share of overdoses, and that she herself has had to use Narcan.

“There are two doses in each kit. Usually the first dose will bring them back, if not, in three to five minutes you give them the second dose,” Montgomery said before adding, “And you always call 9-1-1.”

Now, Montgomery teaches the general public how to use the drug.

“There is nothing worse than finding your child overdosed in bed and not having anything to help save their life,” Montgomery said. “We have the medication now, we have to get it out into the community.”

Many first responders are already caring Narcan because they’re the first ones to arrive on the scene when someone has had an overdose. However, they say it is so easy for the public to get it, and it takes less than an hour one class to get certified to use it. Senator Richard Blumenthal took the class and says if he can do it, anyone can do it.

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