Donald Trump has had “enough,” declares “leave Tom Brady alone”

Donald Trump
A reference to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is seen on the notes of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as he tucks his papers into his jacket as he arrives at a town hall event Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015, in Rochester, N.H. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)

Donald Trump wants to make the first month of the Patriots’ schedule great again.

The Republican presidential candidate did his best to pander to the crowd at a rally in advance of the Rhode Island primary, declaring in the wake of the day’s #Deflategate news: “Leave Tom Brady alone.

Via the Associated Press, Trump also said that Brady was a “great guy,” and “it’s enough.”

Many would likely agree with the second point, regardless their political affiliation. After a federal appeals court upheld the league’s four-game suspension of the quarterback, there are plenty who would argue for a more limited government.

At the moment, none of them, however, are in Arizona, Miami, Houston or Buffalo.

Trump and Brady have played golf together, and Brady had a “Make America Great Again” hat in his locker last season. But he has since tried to downplay his remarks, and keep the conversation about football.

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