107-year-old woman who danced with the Obama’s gets photo ID

Virginia McLaurin

She made headlines for her spirited dance with President and Mrs Obama. Now the 107-year old South Carolina native is back in the news over her inability to get photo identification.

Virginia McLaurin has lived in Washington D.C for decades and never had a problem voting even though she didn’t have a photo ID. This week she told reporters she was unable to get ID because she didn’t have a birth certificate. Local leaders helped her get a temporary ID card on April 26.

Officials with senior citizen centers and homeless outreach agencies tell 7 News they’ve seen people without proper identification struggle to get the necessary documents.

“If a person has no identification and they were born in South Carolina, it’s very hard for them to get a birth certificate,” said Smith, a manager with Place of Hope.

Smith says some of the clients he has helped were even under the impression that you needed photo i-d to vote.

Conway Benlangia, Greenville County director of elections and voter registration tells 7 News that’s not true. All that’s needed is a voter registration card and a physical mailing address.

A birth certificate is not needed to get a voter registration card, Benlangia says.

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