No charges for principal who student claimed left her in underwear on bus

A Charleston County administrator is on paid leave while the school district and sheriff’s office investigates a claim his instructions left a student in her underwear on a school bus.

Officials say Dr. Andrew HaLevi was concerned a students dress was too short and made her change into sweat pants last Friday. At the end of the school, Dr. HaLevi reportedly wanted to get the pants back and stopped all the buses when he could not locate the student.

According to an incident report released Monday, a deputy noticed the buses were not moving in front of Septima P. Clark Academy and when he got closer to the bus loop, the deputy saw Dr. HaLevi holding a pair of sweat pants.

It says in the incident report, a minor stuck her head out of the window crying and screaming that he was making her ride the bus without pants.

The deputy then boarded a bus to find the teen in a hooded sweat shirt and her underwear, with another pair of sweat pants next to her. HaLevi also boarded the bus and told the students he did not know the student was not wearing the original dress code violating dress under her sweat pants, according to an incident report.

The student’s family is calling for the arrest and firing of Dr. Andrew HaLevi.

At a school board meeting Monday evening, officials were aware of of the incident but did not want to address it on camera. In a statement Charleston County School District said they will await the findings of the investigation and present it to the Board of Trustees.

On Tuesday, the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office said “after our investigation and consultation with the Solicitor’s Office and the County Attorney’s office, there will be no criminal charges filed in this case.”

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