Parent of 16 year old Septima P. Clark Academy student says she wants principal fired and arrested

A mother of a Septima P. Clark Academy student on James Island wants the principal of the school fired and arrested. It all revolves around how he handled a possible dress code violation. 
“It started from Friday morning when she called me and said the principal wanted to look up her dress and she would not let him do that.”

Linda Hamilton is the mother of the 16 year old student. She said the principal was concerned that the dress did not meet the dress code requirements. The principal wanted to see if her daughter had pants on under the dress. 

Hamilton said the principal called her and she told him, “you’re not supposed to look up underneath my daughters dress. There is someone else that’s supposed to be there and available to do that. Not you because you are a man.”

The principal said the school had some pants her daughter could wear, and Hamilton agreed to have her daughter change out of the dress and into the pants. 

After school, once her daughter was on the school bus, “later on, I got a phone call from somebody calling me from her phone, saying she was on the bus in her underwear but the principal came on her bus and made her take the pants off so he can return it to the school.”

She said the thought of her 16 year old daughter on a bus with other kids, including boys, while wearing her underwear was just too much.

“To know that she is exposed on a public bus in her underwear… after I think the policeman came and one of the teachers came back to the school to talk to him and he brought the pants back.”

Two of the victim’s uncles serve on the district 23 school board, including Richmond Truesdale. “I am a reverend. But possibly, if this was my daughter, I may have laid down my Reverend title and I may have taken this in another direction.”

Hamilton said it’s been a tough weekend. “I thought I was losing my mind. I haven’t slept since Friday because I was so stressed out knowing that he would even do something like that. It didn’t make no sense and you’re the principal of the school? 

The family says they want the principal fired and arrested. 

The Charleston County School District released a short statement saying the principal is now on paid administrative leave pending the investigation. The statement went on to say that, “once the investigation has concluded, we will take all necessary and appropriate corrective action. 

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