NC lawmakers meeting to discuss HB2

Photo Courtesy of the Tryon Daily Bulletin

A controversial bathroom bill is back in the spotlight.

Lawmakers in North Carolina return for their regular session Monday, and as they get back to work, they could take up changes the governor wants them to tackle.

The last time lawmakers were in Raleigh, was for a special session in March where they passed House Bill 2.

The controversial law requires transgender people to use bathrooms corresponding to the gender on their birth certificate.

This was passed in response to the city of Charlotte passing an ordinance on LGBT rights.

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Shortly after it’s passing, there was national backlash with travel boycotts, businesses pulling out, and canceled concerts and events.

In response, Gov. Pat McCrory signed and executive order in early April that mainly kept the law in tact, but did ban a discrimination on sexual orientation.

The order also asks lawmakers to reverse part of HB2 that keeps discrimination suits from being filed in state court.

One thing that could make things interesting for North Carolina lawmakers, is a recent federal court ruling.

The ruling found similar restrictions involving bathrooms in public schools and government buildings discriminatory.

That ruling centered around a Virginia case, but that fourth circuit court of appeals is over North Carolina, and will likely impact any challenges to HB2.

Governor McCrory pushed for those tweaks, but lawmakers have shown little interest in making changes.

There will be a protest against HB2 today at the General Assembly building in Raleigh, and there will also be a rally supporting the bill.

In South Carolina, Spartanburg Senator Lee Bright has gotten support from North Carolina House Majority Leader Mike Hager from Rutherfordton.

Hager was in Duncan last week to help Bright kick off his re-election campaign.

Bright sponsored a similar bill that;s making it’s way through the Senate.

It would have to get approval this week if it has any chance of passing.

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