New places to eat, drink and shop coming to Charleston International Airport

North Charleston, SC—More food is coming to Charleston International Airport. A new food court is set to open in mid-July, but you will have to wait until October for the airport’s Charleston Beer Works.

CEO of the Charleston International Airport’s Aviation Authority Paul Campbell Jr. was so excited for the additions that he was dancing at Monday’s press conference. He said, “You can either control growth or growth can control you and we plan to be on top of the growth.”

He also discussed hopes for the future in adding more flights to the places like the West Coast and Caribbean. He said we want have all the stops to which people who live here want to go.

He addressed the fact that the Lowcountry is steadily growing and said is only fitting that the airport does the same. However, he stressed the importance of giving the airport a local feel. They sought to fill the airport with local artwork, restaurants and goods. He said they want travelers to get a feel for who we are here in the Lowcountry from the minute they touch down to the last thing they see before they take off.

The total project cost $200 million and $10 million of that was dedicated to food, drink and retail.

New Food
-DeSano’s Pizza Bakery and Bar, Charleston, S.C. (Opened May 2015)
-Harvest and Grounds Bakery & Coffee featuring Charleston-based gourmet coffee roaster King Bean Coffee Roasters (Opened July 2015)
-Caviar & Bananas, Charleston, S.C.
-Charleston Beer Works, a downtown-based brew pub and sports bar
-Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear Grill
-Burger King

New Retail
-Veranda News (Opened May 2015)
-Lowcountry Harley Davidson, a Charleston based Harley franchise, dealer and retailer (Opened May 2015)
-Dunkin Donuts Self-Serve (Opened April 2016)
-Hudson—Discover Charleston gift shop (Opened April 2016)
-Saffron Café & Bakery of Charleston (Opened at Dunkin Donuts April 2016)
-Eddie Bauer
-Tech on the Go

Terminal Redevelopment Timeline
-November 2013, Terminal Apron Expansion—Added 543, 600 square feet of new pavement for aircraft parking. That’s 12.5 acres or the size of 10 football fields.
-March 2014, Rental Car Pavilion—The rental car companies doing business inside Charleston International moved from counters in baggage claim to a new addition just down the hall
-October 2014, Central Energy Plant—Charleston is now a more energy efficient facility with the construction of a central energy plan.
-April 2015, Consolidated Security Screenings—2 small security checkpoints have been replaced by an expansive consolidated screening area adjacent to ticketing for passenger convenience.
-April 2015, Concourse B Extension—5 new gates bring to 10 the number of gates on Concourse B and 15 for the entire airport. (Renovations to the original concourse were completed in October 2015)
-October 2015, Ticketing Hall—The airline Ticketing Hall has an open and bright feel now that renovation is done. Each airline has moved into spacious ticket counters just steps from the curbside drop off.

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