Berkeley County Supervisor issues new policy directive on growth boundary

MONCKS CORNER, SC (News Release) – Berkeley County Supervisor Bill Peagler issued a policy directive last week to ensure that growth in Berkeley County is effectively managed through increased coordination between all appropriate entities and by maximizing development where infrastructure and utilities already exist.

“Since taking office, my Administration and I have been thinking about the best approach to encourage growth where infrastructure is already in place,” said Peagler. “Just as we are working hard to improve our road capacities and conditions, we are also working hard to better plan for growth and have more public input on growth in Berkeley County.”

In the policy directive sent to affected Berkeley County department directors, Peagler directed County officials to “work with the Berkeley County Council, the Berkeley County Planning Commission and the Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments to build upon the existing Principal Growth Area so that it serves instead as a Principal Growth Boundary.”

The change from a Principal Growth Area to a Principal Growth Boundary “gives the designation some teeth,” said Peagler. “And the increased coordination with County departments, agencies, and area municipalities will ensure everyone has a seat at the table on the important discussion of growth outside of the Principal Growth Boundary.”

Peagler’s intentions are that any proposed expansion of the Principal Growth Boundary shall require an amendment to the Future Land Use Map and a public adoption process of staff review and recommendation, Planning Commission review and recommendation, and County Council adoption after three readings and public hearing.

The policy directive highlights that Supervisor Peagler encourages “commercial and industrial companies to locate high quality, well-paying jobs” in Berkeley County but that his focus is “not on adding significant new high-density residential development in rural Berkeley County that may threaten its distinctive character and result in the costly expansion of public infrastructure and utilities.”

“Berkeley County continues to be open for business, and Berkeley County continues to mean business,” said Peagler. “Berkeley County will continue to push for industrial and commercial growth, so our residents are able to live, work, raise a family and play here in Berkeley County. We want to make sure that our residents can continue to enjoy the beauty of rural Berkeley County.”


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