Atlantic Beach Police Chief will add SLED Agents other and changes to this year’s Bikefest

ATLANTIC BEACH, S.C. (WBTW)- The Atlantic Beach Bikefest is a little more than a month away and this year is Police Chief Tim Taylor’s second year planning for the event.

“From last year, I learned that just coming out treating people with respect you can pretty much get people to do what you want them to do and that’s what happened last year. That’s why we didn’t have any problems during last year’s Bikefest.”

This year’s event will also celebrate 60 years since the Town of Atlantic Beach was incorporated, so the excitement is building.

“I think we’ll have a large crowd based on the phone calls and stuff that we get. I think we’ll have a lot of people coming down to bike week and we looking forward to having them come to our house and enjoy ourselves and have a good time,” Taylor said.

To accommodate those crowds, Taylor requested 35 SLED Agents as opposed to 20 last year. Chief Taylor will also put two newly added police officers to work.

“My main thing for requesting them is to have manpower here just in case any event or anything goes wrong, we have enough man power to deal with the situation,” Taylor said.

Taylor added there’s a new location for the law enforcement command post. It will move it to an open field on 31st Avenue South where officers can set up a mobile desk and better meet the needs of the event.

The street in front of Atlantic Beach Town Hall will also be closed for law enforcement access only. Taylor says people will still be able to walk-through.

Atlantic Beach Bikefest is during Memorial Day Weekend.

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