Event at Emanuel AME Church aims to bring stricter gun legislation Sunday

Sunday, Emanuel AME Church welcoming victims of gun violence for a special event. The focus, a law that lets gun sales go through even if background checks aren’t complete. The so-called “Charleston Loophole” is a policy in gun purchasing background checks where, if someone’s background check does not come back within three days, the gun dealer can sell the gun to that person, regardless of if it would’ve been approved or not.

Merrill Chapman with The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, says, “That makes no sense to me. According to the FBI, the Charleston shooter was able to purchase the gun he used in the shooting because his three day window had elapsed. The dealer sold him the gun even though the criminal background check was not complete.”

The Brady Campaign says they are calling for sensible gun control which would require background checks to be completed before the gun is sold. Although legislation has been introduced, the campaign says it keeps being stalled.

Chapman says, “The NRA has a huge hand in stopping the legislature from closing the loophole.”

And they say elected officials are focusing on other bills that are a waste of time.

Community activist, Pastor Thomas Dixon, says, “The bathroom bill? How do you equate someone going to the bathroom next to lives being saved? There’s no comparison. Lives being saved should win hands down every time. And for those who decided that was more important that saving lives we need to, as a community, as a state, as the tax paying citizenry who pays their salaries to let them know that that’s not going to be acceptable any more and it’s not going to be tolerated.”

The Brady Campaign says in the past five years, gun dealers have sold more than 1,500 guns to people with criminal records through the Charleston Loophole. News 2 reched out to the FBI to confirm that statistic, but they have not responded.

On Sunday, April 24th at 3:30pm at Emanuel AME Church, the Brady Campaign is bringing together 300 families who have been impacted by gun violence. They will listen to the Emanuel Church Choir, hold a prayer service, have a panel discussion, and a screening of Katie Couric’s new documentary “Under the Gun”. The event is open to everyone.

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