Judge says expert witness will give testimony in Sidney Moorer’s trial

Sidney and Tammy Moorer exchange words following Monday's pretrial hearing.

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – Sidney Moorer went before a judge for a pretrial hearing on charges in the Heather Elvis case on Monday.

Prosecutor Nancy Livesay called the state’s forensic video expert Grant Fredericks to the stand. After hearing testimony for about three hours Monday morning, Judge Markley Dennis allowed the court to recess for about one hour.

Upon return, Judge Dennis heard argument from Sidney’s attorney Kirk Truslow to not allow Fredericks’ testimony to be heard. Before dismissing the court, Judge Dennis ruled that Fredericks’ testimony will be allowed in the trial against the Moorers.

Prosecutor Nancy Livesay
Prosecutor Nancy Livesay

Fredericks said his testimony would assist the jury in recognizing the vehicle in the video the state plans to present in the trial.

Fredericks, when questioned by Livesay, said that the vehicle in the video presented to him for review was the same vehicle owned by Sidney and Tammy Moorer.

Last month, the solicitor dropped murder charges against Tammy and Sidney Moorer in connection with Heather Elvis’ disappearance. The couple still faces kidnapping charges and Sidney faces an obstruction of justice charge.

As Sidney Moorer prepares for his trial, his attorney sent a list of evidence he wants kept out of court. That list includes communication between the Moorers, staged photographs of the Moorers posing with guns while on vacation, and communication from Tammy Moorer to Heather Elvis and her family.

Sidney’s attorney also asks the kidnapping and obstruction of justice charges not be tried together, any plea deals offered to Moorer made admissible, and to stop the state from using some testimony from Bree Warrellman, a friend of Heather’s who spoke to her before she disappeared.

Members of Heather Elvis' family attend Moorer hearing.
Members of Heather Elvis’ family attend Moorer hearing.

On Friday, Tammy Moorer’s attorney Greg Mccollum told News13 he filed a motion under a seal that mirrored the motions submitted to the court by Sidney’s attorney. The motion would allow Tammy to join into the same motion that was filed for Sidney.

Judge Dennis only heard the motion to disallow Fredericks’ testimony on Monday. He requested attorneys from both sides review their schedules for a date to be set for the consideration of the other motions filed on Sidney’s behalf.


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