Child found in hot car outside strip club, mother and friend arrested

Kelsey McMurtry (Left), Summer Taylor (Right)

NASHVILLE, TN (WFLA) – A woman and her friend were arrested after her daughter was found in a hot car outside a Nashville strip club.

WSMV reported that a 9-month-old baby was located in a PT Cruiser outside a strip club Thursday. Responding officers talked to the friend of the child’s mother, the woman named Summer Taylor. She told them that the mother was in the club, and Taylor was supposed to watch the child while the mother was on the strip club stage auditioning.

Taylor said she kept coming out to check on the child but witnesses said she had never left the club. The baby’s mother Kelsey McMurtry lied to police about her name.

The car windows were rolled up, and the child was wearing a medium to heavy coat. The baby was “drenched in sweat,” police told WSMV. The baby was rushed to a hospital.

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