2 Your Health: Looking for healthy alternatives to trendy ‘superfoods’

Quinoa or kale not your thing? Well, fear not. According tohealth.com nutritionists, there are plenty of healthy alternatives to so-called “superfoods.”

For example, cabbage is a great choice if you’re looking for something similar to cauliflower. Both vegetables are known to boost immune systems, act as natural detoxifiers, and guard against cancer and heart disease.

Along the same lines, go with cranberries if you want an alternative to goji berries. If you’re in that camp, you aren’t alone, as many people have found goji berries to be too bitter. But researchers don’t get bitter at all when they talk about cranberries — one study published in the Journal of Nutrition found they have a type of antioxidant that boost cells immune response to cold and flu, plus studies have shown they’re effective in preventing urinary tract infections.

And it doesn’t end there, research has shown chickpeas to have similar benefits as quinoa.

Plus if you’re over chia seeds, experts say sesame seeds boost blood levels of antioxidants, plus fight bad LDL cholesterol for people with high levels.

So if you’re looking to branch out a bit, the options, as well as the benefits, seem plentiful.

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