People in Ladson don’t want commercial property next door to their homes

Ladson, SC— People in a neighborhood off Highway 78 in Ladson are upset that commercial buildings could pop up next door. Neighbors who live in Ridgewood Estates brought their case to Charleston County earlier this week. They want the county to deny the owner the ability to build something commercial there.

The wooded area at the corner of Highway 78 and Ridgewood Dr. marks the entrance to the Ridgewood Estates neighborhood. It has been residential for years and the people who live here want to keep it that way.

Beth Stone and Glenda Bumgarner are pleading with Charleston County to keep these lots for houses only. Right now the county says the owner can build what he wants, but this is not the final ruling. Stone and Bumgarner are trying to get that opinion overturned.

“It’s a really wonderful older neighborhood that children play in the streets and senior citizens tend their garden and it has changed,” Said Beth Stone. “Our neighborhood feels the effect every single time that there’s another commercial property built.”

They have documents—permits, mortgages and surveys—that refer to the property as a part of Ridgewood Estates meaning it should remain residential per the rules governing the neighborhood.

“Do we need more driveways? No!” Stone says.

“Even after efforts, for a year now, there are still many cars coming through both day and night,” Said Bumgarner.

Fogel Services is the new owner of the land. Their lawyers say the maps of the property showing what is residential do not include the piece of land he bought. Also, in the county’s future comprehensive plan, it lists the area along 78 should allow commercial property. This is why the county ruled in favor of the land owner instead of the neighborhood earlier this week.

Stone argues that plan is arbitrary. “It can be changed. Just because we don’t have an attorney doesn’t mean we don’t have valid points.

The fact that they do not have an attorney has been a road block when bringing their case to the county. However, they argue that legal precedence and numerous documents listing the plots as part of the neighborhood outweigh the opposition’s claims. Stone found other cases similar to this where the court ruled in favor of the neighborhood.

We also spoke with the owner at Fogel services, the company that now owns the land. Their business is right next door to the piece of land in question. He said where that building sits used to be residential also. He said that is the way things go. He pointed out that properties change over time.

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