Mt. Pleasant apartment building applications on hold for now

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCBD) — For the next six months, no permits will be approved for building apartments or any multi-family units in the Town of Mount Pleasant.

Town council approved the 180-day moratorium during its meeting Tuesday night.

Mount Pleasant resident Jane Crowley attended the meeting. She has a few gripes about the town’s growth: Not so much about the amount of people, but the way it’s growing up.

“When you come over the bridge you used to see landscape, and now all you see are apartments,” said Crowley.

She believes the addition of large apartment buildings would make the town seem too “metropolitan”.

Councilman Joe Bustos proposed the moratorium. He along with Will Haynie, Jim Owens and Bob Brimmer voted to approve it. That trumped the other three voters present, who were Mayor Linda Page, Council members Elton Carrier and Mark Smith.

Smith says council members should consider our town’s present and future population when discussing types of attainable and affordable housing. That’s part of the town’s growth management initiative.

“We want to certainly preserve what’s made us so unique and so special while still making sure we have affordable, attainable housing for our police, our teachers, the people that work in our restaurants,” said Smith.

Mount Pleasant leaders will continue to discuss the growth management plan even with the 6 month hold.

Also on the agenda Tuesday, council was up to consider amending or creating new ordinances concerning building height, accessory dwelling units, and short term rentals.

However, council decided to defer this agenda item to next month so there can be a full vote.

Councilmen Paul Garwych and Gary Santos were absent Tuesday.

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