VIRAL: Angry woman yells at Florida Gov. Scott in Starbucks

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Florida Governor Rick Scott probably had no idea he would be at the center of a viral video when he walked into a Gainesville Starbucks on Tuesday.

In a video posted to YouTube, former politician Cara Jennings was seated at a table inside the Starbucks and began screaming at Scott about cutting Medicaid.

“In fact, you cut Medicaid so I couldn’t get Obamacare, you’re a (expletive),” yelled Jennings.

Scott tried to answer the woman by telling her about Florida job creation saying, “We got a million jobs.”

Jennings answered with, “A million jobs, great. Who here has a million jobs?”

She continued to yell at Scott as he walked out the door. “You stripped women of access to public health care, shame on you Rick Scott, we depend on those services,” “You don’t care about working people; you should be ashamed to show your face.”

The video was then posted on YouTube by a man named Stephen Bender. It quickly went viral and has many people talking about what happened.

So what do political experts have to say about the way Scott reacted to the angry woman?

“If we had Chris Christie as opposed to Rick Scott in play, I think Chris Christie would’ve gone right up to that person and probably had a 30-minute engagement. It really is a question again of your level of confidence in this situation and this one clearly had all the markings of trouble,” said political advisor Adam Goodman of the Victory Group.

“You have to go with your gut. Obviously you saw in the tape, he is straight to message.  It clearly was not a person that wanted to have a conversation, she wanted to make a statement, and I don’t that this is something radically different than what we’ve seen at Trump rallies,” said Goodman.

In fact, often Scott’s answer when pushed on any subject will go back to jobs, as demonstrated last week when News Channel 8 asked the governor about controversies surround the Trump campaign.

“I can tell you what I’m focused on, when I ran in 2010 the biggest issue we had in our state at the time was jobs. It’s still the biggest issue we have nationally,” said Scott.

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