Proposal for Mt. Pleasant Walmart to expand, Lowe’s to be built

Mt. Pleasant’s growth can be seen with two new design plans along US-17. One business is asking to expand, another is asking to start building. The Walmart on US-17 in the Wando Crossing plaza want to expand by about 60,000 square feet to incorporate a complete grocery store inside, and Lowe’s is asking to build a new store further North on US-17 in an empty lot near Park West. People in the area tell News 2 they are excited by the growth and having these stores at their fingertips.

One person, Mark Elisei, says, “We have an expanding community and I think it would be a good thing.”

Another, Sanda Nemietz, says, “It’s so far away, but I love Lowe’s though so I go, but it’s going to be nice to have it here.”

But others say this will contribute to existing traffic concerns along 17.

Tom Nilsson, who lives in Mt. Pleasant, says, “I would have concerns about traffic in the area, especially around 41 and coming north.”

They say the Wando Crossing Walmart is already in a crowded area and adding a grocery store could make it worse.

Mt. Pleasant resident Laura Nilsson says, “That area, the parking lot’s pretty congested as it is, so when I go in there I’m always worried about making sure I can get out of there pretty cleanly.”

Tom Nilsson adds, “And with the 526 interchange there, there’s already a lot of traffic in the area there.”

Those excited about the stores say the benefit will outweigh the potential traffic headache.

Elisei says, “I think traffic flows smoothly and it shouldn’t be an issue.”

Nemietz says, “It’s a concern but it would be worth it, we get more traffic every day anyway.”

The Design and Review Board gave both Walmart and Lowe’s some notes about their plans and they are expected to present new ones during an upcoming meeting. Town planners say they don’t know when Walmart and Lowe’s will come back with their adjusted plans for approval, but it could be as early as the end of April.

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