Must-Haves For Masters Patrons

Augusta, GA (WJBF) – You see the usual items like cameras and cups of beer out at Augusta National Golf Club, but we found some patrons with items they could not leave home without.

“Money. Actually, you need lots of money,” said patron Darrell McClendon.

No trip to the Masters would be complete without a little cash to fill up bags with items from the gift shop. But, patrons like Darrell McClendon couldn’t see bringing anything but these favorites. “I had to bring my binoculars, I had to bring my best friend, and I had to bring a chair. That’s what I had to bring.”

A lot of people wait until they get inside the gates to grab a bite to eat, or enjoy other Masters traditions, but Debbie Clabaugh had to bring something to help her see the course. “Credit card for shopping and my chair walking stick so I can get around with a bad knee.”

Other essentials help people look and feel good. “I had to have a cigar and I had to have an ID so I could drink my beer,” said patron C.J. Hirschman.

And sometimes, you bring what really can’t be stuffed in a bag or carried. “I brought my dad,” said patron Marybeth Sardinia. “She gave me the present on Christmas Day with my chair and a Masters Tournament 2016 [badge],” said her dad.

A few other must-haves we saw were sun hats and, of course, shades to block the sun.

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