Hopeful patrons travel hours on a whim for a chance to attend the Masters

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Thousands of people come to Augusta every year to attend the Masters but so many come without tickets, hoping to get lucky.

In a matter of minutes, we met several out-of-towners along Washington Road. They came to Augusta on a whim, hoping they could spend a couple hundred dollars to get a coveted ticket into Augusta National Golf Course, but quickly learned they would need to shell out more than that.

“We had no idea that the tickets were going to be anything like this,” Tony Sulcoff.

Sulcoff drove in from Hilton Head with his friends, who are from Indiana, thinking it would be easy to find tickets and badges.

“We came in last night, we played golf yesterday, and we planned on showing up here this morning and getting tickets. And there aren’t any,” says Sulcoff.

Sulcoff’s first time here was two decades ago. He says so much about the tournament and Augusta in general has changed since his last visit.

“We got in for $40 and this year, apparently, the going rate is about $1500. That’s the cheapest I heard,” says Sulcoff.

Brandon Tisdale and Ty Patterson drove fiver hours from Hoover, Alabama looking for tickets to the final practice round. They’ve been walking around for hours.

“We had tickets for Thursday but they fell through,” says Tisdale.

They say they’re feeling unlucky at this point.

As for Austen Kroll and Rachael Knapp, Kroll says he’s done it before and believes he can do it again.

“We’re going to find some tickets. I’m confident that we’re going to find some tickets,” says Kroll.

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