Cypress Gardens to reopen after flooding in late summer

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCBD) — More than six months after the historic flooding in South Carolina washed away most of Cypress Gardens, Berkeley County officials have plans to reopen it sooner then you might think.

The 200 acre park sustained between 6 to $10 million of damage according to adjusters.

The swamp where movies like The Patriot and The Notebook were filmed now sits drained for cleanup.

Berkeley County spokesman Michael Mule says it’s difficult to see The Gardens in the condition they are in because of their popularity with visitors. “You know so many people came to view The Gardens to ride the boat and relive that scene from the Notebook with their significant other out on the waterfront.”

“We’re just trying to work with what we have” said Susan Miller, who has been a horticulturist at Cypress Gardens since before hurricane Hugo.

Berkeley County received its first insurance check for the gardens this week. Officials anticipate all the buildings will be repaired by spring of 2017 and intend to have the nature sections Cypress Gardens open later this summer.

“No one would’ve expected this to happen,” said Mule, “we want to reassure the public this place is going to re-open and it’s going to be better than it was before”

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