Cool School: Cane Bay Elementary

Cane Bay Elementary continues to reach milestones as students strive for excellence.  We’re in Berkeley county for our Cool School of the week.

Located in Summerville, Cane Bay Elementary has 900 students in four-year-old kindergarten through fourth grade. CBE has reached several milestones, earning an “A” on the federal accountability grading scale for excellence in student achievement, and the Palmetto Gold Award in student performance and Silver for closing the achievement gap.

Fine arts are also a highlight at Cane Bay. The PTA plays a major role, raising more than 40-thousand-dollars for technology integration.  Principal Melissa LaBerge says,  “I think it’s so many small things.  We are truly a community school.  Our elementary, middle, and high schools are in the community, which is amazing.  We know our students will start here and end here during their school career.   We have a Wii fit club, a cardio club, run and walk club.  Teachers writing grants for technology and alternative seating.  We just have very dedicated teachers who basically devote their lives to the kids here at our school and it really makes a difference.”  Fourth grade student Kailyn Abad says, “I like the way they do visual learning and kinesthetic learning.” Teacher Gina Sawicki says, “Well there are a lot of reasons that Cane Bay is a Cool School, but I think the most important one is we’re a family.  Everybody here kicks in for whoever is in need, whatever they need.”  “I think it’s a Cool School because everyone here can cooperate together and we have a nice principal and all the teachers,” says fourth grade student Dallas Reed.

The PBIS school participates in several outreach initiatives,  including “Terrific K ids,”  and “The Kids Who Care Project.”

Cane Bay Elementary’s spring carnival is Saturday, April 16th from ten to four.  You can buy your wristband now for five dollars, or seven at the door.  All money goes to improving technology in the classrooms.
Eleven food trucks will also be there.  They are each donating 15 percent of their proceeds to the school.

Coming up tonight on News 2 at 5,  we’ll take a look at cane bay’s team teachers initiative..

We want to hear about the good things that are going on at your school, just send an email to Octavia at


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