Berkeley County Council hearing budget requests at retreat

Berkeley County Council is getting an opportunity to hear from the various department heads in the county about where they need to spend taxpayer dollars next year. 
The county’s annual budget retreat is taking place at Santee Cooper’s Wampee Conference Center on Lake Moultrie.
Deputy Supervisor Tim Callanan said the county is in good financial shape. “We’re real happy with how we’re doing. The revenues are coming in exactly where we thought they would be but we’ve been able to really hold the line on expenditures so we are doing better than where we anticipated we were going to be.”
Council members like Ken Gunn say moving forward with recommendations from a pay study of county employee salaries is a priority this year. “This has been delayed since even before I was on council. I believe it’s time that we do that.”
Public safety will again be addressed in this budget. Councilman Josh Whitley said, “I believe it’s going to be a significant request with regards to public safety.”
Berkeley County Sheriff Duane Lewis said he is asking council for at least 6 new deputies to help lead community action teams in various areas of the county, and at least one more deputy to lead a second group of inmates on litter patrol through the county.
This budget hearing is one part of the process used to create the actual county budget proposal. County council will receive the first proposed budget at their meeting in May. 

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