Parents want answers after photo shows student wearing KKK outfit in class

Courtesy: Twitter

NILES, MI (WFLA) A picture of a Michigan student wearing a KKK outfit in class is stirring controversy. The outfit was part of a student skit at Niles High School.

Now, school officials are investigating why or how the outfit was given the OK as part of a history lesson.

The image left some parents in shock.

One student offered this take on the photo. “If they were doing it just for educational purposes then I don’t think it would be that bad,” Shelby Bennett said. “The KKK is a big thing so I don’t think it should be taken lightly just for a classroom skit.”

No representative for the school district would talk on camera, but the district did release a written statement saying, “The use of the white hoods was inappropriate. And the high school’s administration is committed to supporting diversity.”


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