Black male community activists ask to speak with N. Charleston gang leaders

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC – Black male community activists in North Charleston say they have a plan for dealing with black-on-black crime; they want the leaders of local gangs to give them a call.

Tonight, Charleston County Councilmen including Henry Darby and Teddie Pryor joined several other community activists at a press conference at the Felix Pinckney Center to encourage young black men to give them a call.

Darby explained, “We are asking to meet all the gang and posse members of North Charleston. We want to talk with the leaders of the gangs of Remount Road, Liberty Hill, Ferndale, and Dorchester-Waylyn. If you would allow, we want to speak with each of you individually, and after we speak with you individually, we will speak with you collectively; just mature men to young men; no media; no police; no police officers. We need to get all of you to the table and a plan has been developed to stop us from killing one another.

The group of men wouldn’t say if one act of violence prompted this idea; but Pryor did say the 11 homicides in North Charleston this year is deeply concerning.

The council members and activists gave their personal cell phone numbers and encouraged the gang leaders to call them to arrange a sit-down meeting.

They say this has nothing to do with trying to get them in trouble, snitching, nor trying to entrap them. They simply want to talk face-to-face.

If you or someone you know may be involved in one of these gangs in North Charleston, you’re asked to call 843-901-6793, or 843-300-2493.

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