Please don’t pretend you’re pregnant on April Fools’ Day

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You may be thinking about what kind of prank you want to play on your family and friends on April Fool’s Day, but there’s one prank that’s not a joke; announcing a fake pregnancy.

You never know who could be going through a rough time struggling with infertility or even a loss of a pregnancy. So please think twice before posting that you’re expecting on your social media networks.

Posting that you’re expecting when you really aren’t could trigger the emotions of someone you might not know who is going through this certain type of situation. says fake pregnancy announcements are no laughing matter. They made a list of the top reasons why you shouldn’t do it.

  1. Don’t do it out of respect for your infertile friends and those who have lost a baby
  2. You’ll be answering questions for days… Facebook won’t know you’re ‘just kidding’
  3. When you’re actually pregnant, people won’t believe you
  4. Some friends will be hurt you didn’t tell them first
  5. You may break your mama’s heart
  6. You may not have intended to be a jerk, but you have to have fertility etiquette

So… What do you think?



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