One person dead after vehicles trade fire in North Charleston

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC — North Charleston Police say officers responded to a report of two vehicles shooting at each other on Taylor Street near Elder Street in North Charleston just after 2:00 a.m. on Wednesday, March 30.

When officers arrived they found a Buick Enclave dark SUV crashed into a building on James Bell Avenue at Rivers Avenue. There was one gunshot victim inside of the SUV. That victim, later identified as Arthur Lee Myers, 27, of North Charleston, died at the scene from a gunshot wound.

The U-R Nex barbershop has served as a landmark for the community since the sixties, but after a gun battle between two cars Wednesday morning, one of the cars crashed into the building leaving one person dead and a family business destroyed.

Seth Whipper says his family built the building and still works there as a barber.

Whipper says, “The building has been here sort of serving as a focal point for the barber shop and a meeting place for the community people, as barber shops usually are.”

But there’s not many options, with a hole through the center, cinder blocks scattered, and windows smashed.

Whipper says, “It may be the end of a period for this building and for this community in recognizing this spot.”

Police say the Buick SUV crashed through the building early in the morning following a gun fight between two vehicles in the Russledale community.

Bob Solomon’s son owns the tire store near the barber shop. He says, “You had two people shooting at each other, that’s typical here, and until people decide to do something about it, they’re going to have to live with it.”

At the scene, News 2 could still see parts of the car left behind and what looked like a trail of blood leading out of the wreckage.

Whipper says, “Everybody’s tired of the gun play and we’re going to have to get a handle on this behavior.”

Solomon says, “If they want to kill each other why don’t they go somewhere else and do it so they won’t hurt good people?”

This is now the 9th homicide in the city of North Charleston this year, and News 2 spoke to Mayor Summey on Tuesday about the concerns of violence. He said the answer is getting more police officers involved in the communities and teaching people to make better choices.

North Charleston Police are still investigating this shooting, and say they are looking for a champagne colored Buick, possibly a Park Avenue.

Vehicles shooting at each other:

Vehicle Crashed into building: 

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