Mosquito Control begins spray prevention

Charleston, SC (WCBD) — This week Charleston County Mosquito Control began airborne spraying.

Low flying airplanes and helicopters delivered specially modified chemicals to eliminate mosquitoes at their source, in areas of stagnate water.

These mosquitoes are referred to as larvae, or mosquitoes in the aquatic stage. They may remain in this stage for one to two weeks before becoming airborne.

This is the stage where Mosquito Control is hoping to take action, eliminating them before they reach full maturity.

For mosquitoes that do survive, they also have a pesticide designed for the adult stages. These are sprayed in heavily populated areas late at night or early in the morning.

Ed Harne is a taxonomist with Mosquito Control. He says, “The more mosquitoes that we can eliminate right now will make a huge difference in the number of adult mosquitoes that we have flying around.”

With recent concern over Zika and other viruses, Harne says that spraying is important especially when it comes to limiting the number that hatch. Harne says, “In the aquatic stage, they’re not going anywhere. They’re locked into that water wherever they are located currently.” He also added, “we can do a lot of damage and we hope to because if we can do that, it is less spraying that we have to do for the adult stage.”

He also added that simply emptying containers that have accumulated water goes a long way in preventing the spread.



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